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Those were the days…

I want this on me —  i mean as a tattoo!!
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it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!!
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it is decided. when we get our own place together, we will have these mugs and use them in the morning before we go to work, or on the weekends when we watch cartoons in our living room together. yup. these will be hours.

we need this!!!!
+ 01/16/2012

Wow, first blog of the year!

We’ll i know I kinda left everthig hanging and in a bad shape last year.. i’m just happy to say that everything’s patched up.. A lot can be accomplished if both people just talk and listen :)

really, although i really did want to break up last year, he sort-of realized too that he did change and i on the other hand as getting to possessive.. but things are okay now, we’ve both learned to compromise and really listen.. not just hear, but truly listen and discern..

We spent Christmas together, watching movies and pigging too, lol.. and His borthday is comig up to — 02/03 and I really want to make it extra special!! i’m thinking of going personalized on everything but still going simple - like cakes, candles, balloons and go with the extra special on the gift itself.. I’ve got a ton of ideas but am not too sure if I could take a run on all of them!

but ayhow, wish me luck on this and if you have ideas you’d lie to share with me, please do let me know!

+ BLACK & WHITE TRAGEDIES.: 11/30/2011 ↘


I can sill remember that one fine day when you told me i was spending too much time with my friends. You said I was selfish. You said that you were lonely and you needed me more than the friends I’m with. And look where you’re at a year later. Doing exactly what you despised me of. you know what;s…

+ 11/10/2011

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged about us„

So recently we had this huge fight about how much my boyfie teases m a lot. He always call me round, chubby and worst, FAT. I have to admit that my biggest insecurity is my weight. I’ve battled anorexia when I was in High School. I’ve been maintaining my weight ever since. The last person who called me fat ended up winning. I dieted and starved myself to death back in college, i remember losing 10 pounds in 1 week. And i;m at it again. It’s gives me the idea that he doesn’t want me fat. He always goes admiring sexy-big-boobed girls, those typical barbie type figures that seem to good to be true. in the long run i’m believing him. I used to be happy with my physical appearance. Now, i’;m starting to doubt it.. AGAIN..

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For J.

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